How Do I Join


You can take ROTC like any other college Course without any commitment to the military.  If you are at UNM you can sign up through Lobo Web.  We are the Military Science Department.  Our classes are:

Freshmen: MSL 101 & 101L (Fall) and 102 & 102L (Spring)

Sophomore: MSL 201 & 201L (Fall) and 202 & 202L (Spring)

Junior: We must schedule a meeting before you can register for any upper level Military Science classes.

If you are at CNM, you can sign up through the class data base.  Our classes are:

Freshmen: MSL 1101 & 1101L (Fall) and 1102 & 1102L (Spring)

Sophomore: MSL 2201 & 2201L (Fall) and 2202 & 2202L (Spring)


We also offer physical training for our cadets.  Look for “Physical Training” under the military Science department.  You may still attend PT without signing up for the class. 


We offer financial assistance and scholarships if you meet the required criteria.


Our Links and Documents page has all the Links you will need to learn more about everything from Army Jobs to the Scholarship Application Website.

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